Below, in the player, you will find some recordings by the DayDream Warriors, Bob Craypoe (solo CD) and Guitar and Keys (With Bob Craypoe and Tim Costello). Please give them a listen. Some recordings were done during rehearsals, so there was not a lot of studio wizardry used to conceal imperfections. For bookings and other inquiries, you can contact us at:    Also check out our Songlist Page to see what else we perform.  Or you can go to our FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD PAGE and download some of the songs in the player below for FREE!

Below is a video of one of Bob Craypoe's solo works. the music is by Bob and the lyrics were co-written with Erick Rudi, a former band member from years before. Also below, you will find a video of Bob giving an introductory lesson in fingerstyle guitar. also has a YouTube Channel. Check it out!
All of the songs from Bob Craypoe's Debut, instrumental CD are available as mp3 downloads from You can listen to the song clips below.


Currently, the DayDream Warriors are performing primarily acoustic shows. The video shown on the left is sort of a demonstration of some of Bob Craypoe's skills as a fingerstyle guitarist. However, if you want to see and hear more, you should go see him and the other DayDream Warriors live (hint). Anyway, please watch the video and if you would like to see more videos from Bob, the Warriors or, just go to the YouTube Channel.
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